Robert and Kate are an American couple, he from New York and she from Oregon who first met in Montauk many years ago. She was 18 fresh from Oregon and he was a city boy and surfing regular who grew up retreating to its sandy shores. It wasn’t hard for them to fall in love ‘in’ Montauk, just as it wasn’t hard for them to fall in love ‘with’ Montauk. Both with a passion for the ocean and beach culture, Montauk captured their hearts as they captured each other’s. Four years ago, they were married at the lighthouse.

“We were inspired to create a residence that truly feels like a dream home, ideal for relaxed beach getaways,” explains Robert McKinley. “The original state of the house was very basic - a perfect canvas for our minds to run wild and our designs, and dream beach retreat, to become a reality.”

Join along as we share a bit of our process, from purchase to completion.